Attention Active Seniors

Who will tell your life story?

Story Telling is an act of love given to one generation from another.

  • Everyday our family stories are being lost.
  • Unexpectedly a family member or friend is gone and we struggle to gather a story of their life.
  • How many written biographies go unfinished?

Visual story telling doesn’t just tell the story, it lets you see, hear and connect with your loved one in the most memorable way. Memory Keeper Videos will work with you to visually tell your story or that of your loved one. You’ll preserve the face, smile and voice as well as the story in a forever keepsake. Digital media is finally accessible and affordable like never before. You are the first generation with the capability to share your memories as a video biography.  Don't leave the task of telling the stories of your life to someone else - they might not get your story right.

Memory Keeper Videos makes your legacy video biography easy and fun. Your video will be finished quickly and professionally, so you can enjoy your memories with family and friends.   

Schedule a call with me.  I am available to listen and help you easily create the stories of your life. 

Let's talk about your Legacy Video Vision to share your unique history.  Give the gift of a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

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